Aragon DAOs

Organizations are typically made up of hierarchical stacks of written agreements between people. A company is just a collection of contracts: shareholder agreements, deeds, leases, service provider agreements, employment contracts, customer terms & services, etc. These are bound by a senior set of shared contracts called laws, which are governed by another set of contracts […]

Proof Of Liquidity

In a standard proof-of-stake system, the more people stake, the more tokens are taken out of circulation. This may seem good for the price of the token, but in many cases insufficient liquidity can get in the way of network growth. So we should look for ways to create a direct, positive relationship between staking […]

Magic Authentication

Magic is a passwordless authentication system. It starts with “magic links,” where you’re e-mailed a login link instead of providing the usual username and password. Magic makes it quick and easy for developers to implement this model in any application. But behind the scenes, you’ll find a robust security platform built on secure hardware and […]

Institutional Participation in Token-Weighted Network Governance

Governance can be defined as any design feature or control mechanism that steers a system through its various stages of development. In the context of blockchain networks, this includes the protocol used by the nodes on the network to administer data, as well as various social and institutional arrangements that determine how decisions are made […]